Heavy duty V-Shaped Roasting Rack Grills Large Poultry

V-shaped roasting rack, also called V-shaped baking rack or turkey roasting rack, is made of metal wire mesh through bending into V-shaped. Compared with the stainless steel roasting rack, its shape is V-shaped and often combines with roasting pan. When used, the V-shaped roasting rack can allow the air flow around your meat for even grilling. At the same time it often combines with a metal roasting pan which can prevent the edible oil from falling off. Generally, V-shaped baking rack can be classified into adjustable type and non adjustable type. Adjustable V-shaped baking rack can perfectly fit the meat size through changing side width which can hold the wings and legs next to the body. Besides, the adjustable sides can be folding flat for easy storage when you don not use. Non adjustable heavy duty V-shaped baking rack with firm structure can grill a 20 pound turkey. And we are confidently if you choose our V-shaped roasting rack, you will have a delicious turkey or goose for your Christmas or Thanksgiving.

A heavy duty V-shaped roasting rack with non-stick plating.
VSRR-01: A professional non-stick V-shaped roasting rack. And the non-stick plating is strong and durable.
A silver white chrome plating V-shaped roasting rack with non adjustable sides.
VSRR-02: A chrome plating V-shaped roasting rack can bear high temperature up to 400 degrees F.
A silver white adjustable V-shaped roasting rack.
VSRR-03: An adjustable V-shaped roasting rack for different meat roasting.
A silver white non adjustable V-shaped roasting rack.
VSRR-04: A non adjustable V-shaped roasting rack features firm structure.


  • Material: stainless steel, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, etc.
  • Surface treatment: zinc coated, non-stick plated, chrome plated, copper plated, nickel plated, tin plating, polishing, electrolysis, etc.
  • Wire diameter: 3 mm - 4 mm.
  • Process technology: cutting, bending, welding.
  • Size: length (290 mm - 400 mm), width (250 mm - 400 mm), height (80 mm - 120 mm).
  • Edge type: welded edge.
  • Service life type: reusable type.


  • Adjustable structure. V-shaped roasting racks' side position can adjust to fit large pieces of meat like chickens, turkeys, goose, etc.
  • Sturdy structure. V-shaped roasting racks made of stainless steel have excellent hardness. They can hold large poultry and meat and not easily distort.
  • High flexibility. V-shaped roasting racks can be used in home micro oven or out doors for picnic.
  • Rust resistance. The non-stick plated and chrome plated surface makes V-shaped roasting racks hard to rust.
  • Heat resistance and non toxic. The chrome surface can bear high temperature up to 400 degrees F. It will not produce poisonous chemicals to harm people's health.
  • Non-stick surface. V-shaped roasting racks with non-stick surface ensures the poultry skin dose not stick when lifting from the rack. And at the same time, our non-stick plating isn't come off and make the rack easy cleaning.
  • Fit for roasting pan. Our V-shaped roasting racks perfectly fit perfectly common size roasting pan.
  • Long life-span. Our heavy duty V-shaped roasting rack features sturdy structure and durability. Get one and use it.
An adjustable V-shaped roasting rack with non-stick plating.
VSRR-05: V-shaped roasting rack with non-stick plating will not leave residue and is easy cleaning up.
An adjustable V-shaped roasting rack with chrome plating surface.
VSRR-06: V-shaped roasting rack with chrome plating surface can bear high temperature up to 400 degrees F.

V-shaped roasting applications

  • Used for barbecuing meat: chicken, turkeys, etc.
  • Used for cooling meat: set in baking pans for heat distribution when baking food in oven or microwave oven.
A non adjustable V-shaped roasting rack in a roasting pan.
VSRR-07: V-shaped roasting rack can be used with roasting pan for your specific requirements.
A V-shaped roasting rack is in a roasting pan. And a chicken is on the roasting rack.
VSRR-08: V-shaped roasting rack especially suitable for roasting chicken and turkey.

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