Barbecue Grill Basket - Easy Clean in Dishwasher

Barbecue grill basket, also named grill basket, grilling basket, vegetable grill basket or fish grill basket, generally is made of FDA-approved stainless steel with non-stick plating. It is one type of the barbecue grill mesh. Compared with the barbecue grate, this kind of grill basket usually has large size, deep sides and sturdy handles. Thus allow you to hold lots of meat, vegetables and shake, flip, move your small vegetables, shrimp, oysters, or cubed meat for even-cooking. And at the same time, because of the lid, nothing will be lost in the fire. What's more, grilling basket with detachable handle allows you to wash the basket in dishwasher safely. If you use our barbecue grill basket, you will enjoy the same ease of cooking in your kitchen oven, and the smoky flavor you desire will be the envy of your guests.

Product classifications
Our products have different kinds for you to choose.

  • According to the structure: grill basket with lid, grill basket without lid.
  • According to the surface treatment: non-stick plating grill basket, chrome plating grill basket.
  • According to the handle type: long handle grill basket, short handle grill basket, detachable handle grill basket, non detachable handle grill basket.
  • According to the handle material: metal handle grill basket, plastic handle grill basket, wooden handle grill basket.
A chrome plating grill basket with two handles.
BGB-01: Grill basket with two strong handles is made of food grade stainless steel.
Dimensions: 14.8 × 10.8 × 4 inches; 2.9 pounds.
A non-stick grill basket with lid and long plastic handle.
BGB-02: Grill basket with lid can prevent the meat and vegetables from falling off.
Dimensions: 7.5 × 20.6 × 4.1 inches; 2 pounds.
A non-stick grill basket with long plastic handle.
BGB-03: Grill basket with long handle can easily flip the meats and vegetables.
Dimensions: 25.8 × 2.2 × 12.3 inches.
A non-stick grill basket with short plastic handle.
BGB-04: The non-stick plating of grill basket is sturdy and doesn't come off.
Dimensions: 12.2 × 2.2 × 13 inches; 1.5 pounds.
Non-stick barbecue grill baskets with two handles.
BGB-05: Non-stick barbecue grill baskets can be produced with one or two handles.
Dimensions: 23.4 × 1 × 11.5 inches; 3.9 pounds.
Non-stick barbecue grill baskets with two detachable handles.
BGB-06: Non-stick barbecue grill baskets with detachable handle can be washed in dishwasher.


  • Material: food-grade stainless steel.
  • Wire diameter: 0.4 mm - 3.0 mm.
  • Process technology: woven, welded, cutting, bending, etc.
  • Surface treatment: chrome plated or non-stick plated.
  • Edge type: welded edge.
  • Handle material: metal, plastic, wood.
  • Lid: with or without lids.
  • Service life type: reusable type.
A single fish stainless steel barbecue grill basket with plastic handle.
BGB-07: Barbecue grill basket is especially for smaller and thinner filet or fish.
A fish grilling basket with double fish type with wooden handle.
BGB-08: Fish grilling basket can be designed with single fish type, double fish type and triple fish type.
A stainless steel triple fish grilling mesh basket with wooden handle.
BGB-09: Triple fish grilling basket can holds three fish at the same time. With non-stick finish, it is easy to clean.


  • Heavy duty and stable structure. With firm welding point, barbecue grill baskets, made of stainless steel can be used for a long time.
  • Easy flipping. Barbecue grill baskets' metal loop that holds the lid and the handles are very firm and stable. Thus you can flip your baskets without any anxiety.
  • Large holding capacity. Barbecue grill baskets with extra deep sides are ideal for grilling portions of fish, seafood and other delicate foods.
  • Uniform and small meshes. With small and uniform meshes, sliced onion and fish do not fall through when grilling.
  • Heat and fire resistance. Barbecue grill baskets can bear the temperature up to 400 degrees F.
  • Non-stick and non deformed. Barbecue grill baskets' non-stick coating is sturdy and stable and will not come off even if you have used many times.
  • Nonpoisonous and anti-rust. Barbecue grill baskets made of food grade stainless steel features nonpoisonous, tasteless and rust resistance.
  • Smooth surface and not rowers. Barbecue grill baskets with polishing surface feature smooth surface and the way the basket closed is not rowers.
  • Easy using. Barbecue grill baskets with strong, durable handles can easily move food from grill to table-side.
  • Easy cleaning. You can wash it with cleaning brush in warm soap water or use some sort of cooking spry. What's more, barbecue grill baskets with detachable handle can be washed in dishwasher.
A turkey is on a barbecue grill basket. And the turkey and barbecue grill basket are placed on a roasting pan.
BGB-10: Barbecue grill basket with large size is especially for turkey roasting.
Several pieces of fish and sliced vegetables are in a barbecue grill basket with lid.
BGB-11: Barbecue grill basket with lid can prevent the small pieces of meat and vegetables from falling off when flipping.

Barbecue grill basket is widely used in camping, traveling, patio, lawn, garden and other places for grilling vegetables, wheaten food, seafood, pork, lamb, ribs, steaks, burgers, chicken and other delicious food. In addition, the stainless steel barbecue grill basket without lid can also used to wash greens and vegetables.

A barbecue grill basket holds vegetables with different sizes.
BGB-12: Barbecue grill basket with small hole woven mesh can grill different sizes vegetables.
A barbecue grill basket with lid and handle holds meat and sausage.
BGB-13: Barbecue grill basket with firm lid and metal loop can allow you flip the basket.
Two hands hold two handles of the barbecue grill basket above the charcoal oven.
BGB-14: Barbecue grill basket with two detachable handles can be used a whole.
A barbecue grill basket without handles is on the charcoal oven.
BGB-15: Barbecue grill basket can dismantle the handles and only use the basket part.

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